News Rapt Studio – Tell Me More – Milan 2019
With digital communication showing no sign of slowing down, some designers in Milan this year will be exploring ways of promoting physical interaction and experience. At Ventura Centrale, US-based Rapt Studio will create a set of spaces that encourage strangers to converse. Called Tell Me More, the installation will include "drapery-clad stages" for interaction and spotlights that highlight intimate one-to-ones.
Amy Frearson, Dezeen

Rapt Studio’s Salone del Mobile debut, Tell Me More presented visitors with a two-part installation that served as a backdrop to explore the intersection of spatial experience and emotional connection. With Tell Me More, Rapt Studio offered visitors the opportunity to experience a microcosm of one of Rapt’s designed environments. As guests first entered the space, they were greeted by small circular, drapery-clad “stages” – personal theaters. Each stage presented guests with a question posed by the stranger who came before them. Upon reflecting and leaving a query for the next person, visitors transitioned into a lounge to gather underneath a living collage created by a shower of lights. Among the lights hung threads, from which questions posed in the personal theaters reappeared to encourage individuals to make personal connections with those around them and leave the space as part of something larger.

Photography Credit: Eric Laignel