News Design Trust Gala 2019
“The Archigram City’ is a testament of our collective imagination, community’s collaboration amongst generations and design’s strength and power to positively impact our city with hope and optimism.”
Marisa Yiu, Co-founder/Executive Director, Design Trust
Hong Kong

Established in 2014 by Hong Kong Ambassadors of Design, Design Trust is a grant funding platform which supports creative projects and research initiatives related to Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area in China. Working across a multiplicity of design disciplines from graphics, media, architecture to the built environment, Design Trust aims to actively accelerate and implement projects that advocate for the positive role of design.

Since 2008, Design Trust has hosted a fundraising gala and auction each year in October and has invited internationally acclaimed designers and architects to give artist direction to the event. Camron was appointed in the summer of 2019 to support Design Trust on a global communications campaign to raise the profile of the organisation through the annual fundraising gala in October. We were involved in adapting overall messaging and worked closely with media on behalf of Design Trust.