Uribe Schwarzkopf
Uribe Schwarzkopf is an architectural planning, design, and construction firm, committed to supporting growing city of Quito, Ecuador. Since 1973 Uribe Schwarzkopf has built over 200 projects focused on quality and innovation, building exceptional living spaces, and creating community spaces that drive the urban architectural habitat of Quito forward and upward. For over 46 years, Uribe Schwarzkopf has developed and innovated in the Ecuadorian real estate sector, designing, planning, and promoting large projects located within the city of Quito, as well as its surrounding valleys, including Cumbayá and Tumbaco. Their portfolio includes condominiums, office buildings, shopping malls, and even hotels and hospitals. As the capital city undergoes rapid urbanization, including the construction of a brand new Metro system, Uribe Schwarzkopf has been at the forefront of the city’s new developments, priming the metropolis for the global stage, and prioritizing efforts in eco-friendly development initiatives. Each Uribe Schwarzkopf building is marked by innovation and creativity as the company constantly seeks to break free of established paradigms. Uribe Schwarzkopf offers communal environments that improve quality of life, venturing to take Quito to the forefront of world cities by creating alliances with renowned international architecture and design companies including Arquitectónica – Bernardo Fort-Brescia (Peru-Miami), YOO (London), Philippe Starck (Paris), Marcel Wanders (Amsterdam), Carlos Zapata (Venezuela-Miami), Jean Nouvel (France), Moshe Safdie (Canada-Israel), and Bjarke Ingels Group (Denmark). Contact Sara