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De La Espada
De La Espada crafts luxury furniture centred on people, created to transform their lives; where the emotional connection of each piece is valued equally to function. De La Espada focuses on the key pieces of furniture for the home: a place to eat, rest, sleep and work.

Experts in woodworking, De La Espada’s collection of furniture evokes comfort, tactility, detail and endurance, informed by the passion of those who work to create it. All pieces are handcrafted in the brand’s dedicated factory on Portugal’s Silver Coast. De La Espada’s craftspeople take pride in their work and apply their expertise to create the most aesthetically and structurally enduring furniture possible.

De La Espada work closely with a small number of designers, forming significant and enduring partnerships. These collaborations combine leading design with the highest calibre of European craftsmanship. De La Espada is a platform for creativity and self-expression and its close partnerships with designers result in diverse yet aligned product families that are the building blocks of authentic interiors.

Founded in 1993 by Luis De Oliveira and Fatima De La Espada, the brand is based between Portugal, London and New York.

“Every person associated with De La Espada is a craftsman at heart, displaying the traits of independent thinking, respect for patient work, attention to detail, tenacity and perseverance that are at the heart of craftsmanship,” Luis De Oliveira.

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