Based in Vancouver and Berlin, Omer Arbel cultivates a fluid position between the fields of architecture, sculpture, invention and design. Focal themes of his work include the intrinsic mechanical, physical, and chemical qualities of materials and the exploration of light as a medium.

Founded in 2005, Bocci is a contemporary design and manufacturing house. The company launched with one product, ‘14’, which quickly became a modern success and remains a design staple and bestseller. Today, Bocci has a growing portfolio of contemporary design ranging from lighting through to furniture and electrical sockets.

In addition, newly-launched brand OAO Works is a new portfolio of objects, curiosities, and ideas, which is structured as a platform to highlight underrepresented themes in Arbel’s work. In some cases, the works in the portfolio resist simple classification, whilst in other cases, they are by-products of other, more targeted investigations. In yet other cases, they are results of very particular relationships, narratives, and collaborations.

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