Alfredo Paredes Studio
Alfredo Paredes Studio is a multi-faceted design practice that brings a cinematic sensibility and a commitment to the exceptional to projects and pursuits of all forms.

Based in New York and launched in 2019 by Alfredo Paredes—following his 33 year-long-career at Ralph Lauren creating environments, experiences, and products, most recently in the role of Executive Vice President and Chief Creative Officer—the Studio applies a sensual approach and transportive power to design, precisely crafting each and every element of a project.

Whether a tropical hideaway, rural retreat, or tucked-away cocktail lounge, all Alfredo Paredes Studio spaces possess an inviting luxury, quiet elegance, and understated sophistication. With the rare ability to translate intangible experiences—a beloved memory, a stirring encounter with a work of art, an inspiring idea—into real and all-encompassing physical environments, Alfredo Paredes uses the practice and art form of design to create the unforgettable spaces and moments that shape our lives.

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