News Swarovski Star
"Now, after two years of intensive design, Mr. Libeskind, the first architect to design a Swarovski star, has created a memorable piece: a 3-D, 900-pound architectural feat with 70 spikes and three million crystals with LED lighting spots that Mr. Libeskind said would emit rays so that the sculpture can be seen from all angles."
Amanda Svachula, The New York Times
New York

November 2018 - On November 14th, Swarovski unveiled a new Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Star, designed by famed architect Daniel Libeskind. Redesigned for the first time since the inaugural Swarovski Star was unveiled in 2004, the Star’s new look was inspired by the cosmos and takes on the dramatic architectural lines and geometries for which Libeskind is well known. The Star debuted alongside a Libeskind-designed Swarovski holiday retail pop-up on Rockefeller Plaza and a range of Atelier Swarovski Home Star crystal ornaments.

· Place meaningful coverage in both print and online publications on the new Daniel Libeskind Swarovski Star and Libeskind-designed Swarovski holiday retail pop-up
· Successfully leverage announcements and assets released to generate excitement and enthusiasm for the Star’s unveiling
· Cultivate strong messaging on the importance of design in Swarovski projects and further establish Swarovski’s position as an authority in the design industry and as a patron of the arts
· Strengthen existing and gaining new relationships with the most distinguished international art, architecture, design and academic influencers, and institutions

· Create a strategy based on the client’s brief for events, media outreach, press assets, and event press management
· Use Swarovski’s ongoing partnership with Daniel, starting with the inaugural Atelier Swarovski Home, to secure coverage highlighting Swarovski’s multifaceted approach to supporting art, design, craftsmanship, and innovation
· Cultivate top-tier media and design world influencers to attend the collaboration announcement dinner in May and Star Raising event in November

· Issued 5 press releases to over 3,000 media in 70 countries
· Achieved significant preview and review coverage in high-level publications in key markets
· 200 placements in print and online in The New York Times, Financial Times, Architectural Digest, Wallpaper*, The Art Newspaper and Monocle
· 490 journalists from 19 countries attended the fair
· Strong media attendance at key events including the press conference, vernissage and sponsor events