News Manufactum: ‘Christmas in July’ Press Event
‘Every single item is the best of the best, handpicked from highest quality manufacturers and craftspeople’
- Cate St Hill

July 2017 - Situated in The Apartment of The Hoxton, Holborn, Camron showcased Manufactum’s diverse range of products to the UK market for the first time.

Selecting only useful, skillfully crafted and responsibly sourced products, Manufactum’s range sits at over 10,000 items, each of which, seeks to bring unexpected joy to daily life.

Camron worked with stylist Laura Fulmine to present inspiring ideas for the home, office, garden and Christmas, showcasing how well-made, everyday objects can turn everyday moments into remarkable experiences. The displays showcased the timeless appeal of Manufactum products which are only included if their utility is matched by their beauty.

Guests were invited to drop in for breakfast and lunch to chat to members of the Manufactum team to learn more about the unique provenance, stories and craftsmanship behind each piece.