News COS x Phillip K. Smith III – Open Sky
“Ever the crowd pleaser, COS is master of the interactive (and Instagram-friendly) installation come Milan Design Week”
Pei-Ru Keh, New York Editor, Wallpaper*

April 2018 - Participating in Milan Design Week for the seventh consecutive year, COS collaborated with American artist Phillip K. Smith III to create a large-scale, light-based sculptural installation titled ‘Open Sky’. Site-specific to Milan’s Palazzo Isimbardi, the installation transformed the overhead square of sky over the courtyard into a grounded physical ring of reflected sky, while in the adjoining English garden, five free-standing sculptures reflected the surrounding greenery and architecture as visual material. In creating the installations in a constant state of flux owing to environmental and temporal changes, ‘Open Sky’ provided viewers with entirely unique experiences for every individual visit.