News Calico Wallpaper – London Design Festival 2019
“We are thrilled to enter the London market with such an established partner as SCP. SCP’s longstanding history of bringing unique and timeless designs to market has been a longtime inspiration for us. SCP has collaborated with many of our design friends and partners over the years, and we are looking forward to working with them as we expand our business in the UK.”
Nick Cope, Co-Founder of Calico Wallpaper
SCP Shoreditch: 135-139 Curtain Road & London SCP Pimlico: 57 Pimlico, London

During London Design Festival 2019 New York-based design brand Calico Wallpaper launched at SCP, a leading furniture manufacturer and retailer in London. To mark the brand’s UK retail debut, Calico Wallpaper will introduce its new Prism collection alongside both classic and recent Calico Wallpaper designs at SCP. Prism, which was shown for the first time at SCP’s Shoreditch showroom, is the result of a thoughtful art process that is rooted in nature, discovery and experimentation. The collection was inspired by a stay at a secluded beachside cottage where the first rays of morning light would shine through decorative crystals suspended in the windowpanes, infusing the sunlight with flashes of chromatic color that danced across the rustic walls.

To create the collection, Calico Wallpaper Co-Founder and Creative Director Rachel Cope worked with various prismatic forms, experimenting with the spectrum of colors produced by the refraction and diffusion of light. She photographed these choreographed scenes and used collage to create compositions that capture the effect of dappled light playing naturally across a surface. She then set these photographic collages against ambient hues, creating a variety of opalescent and matte colorways.

Calico Wallpaper