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Intelligence Saying Goodbye to Starman

Usually on a cold, excuse me, extremely cold Monday night, the rush home is swift and the pyjamas are on instantly. However, this past Monday saw the always reliable and reputable Second Home host, “Saying Goodbye to Starman” as the Beat Magazine launched their David Bowie issue. The overwhelming response to the great man’s passing is a combination of sadness in losing his incredible talent, the suddenness of the news and the emotional imagery from his new record, Blackstar, taking on new meanings. I can only speak for myself but I cannot remember having been so affected by the death of a ‘celebrity’ before.

With this in mind, you could be forgiven for thinking that the Beat’s Bowie issue could get lost amongst the innumerable number of tributes that have followed his death. However, having acquired a portrait issue of the magazine, the images are fairly distinctive, some that I had never seen before. This unique collection of photos makes for a lovely tribute and one that I’ll be keeping for a while. The mix of Bowie classics, delicious chilli by the fantastic kitchen at Second Home and Absolut cocktails made for a pleasant Monday night.

Saying Goodbye to Starman Second Home

Posted by
Max Siteman