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Intelligence Pérez Art Museum Miami

While in Miami, we found time to sneak away to experience the newest exhibits at PAMM.

Originally named the Miami Art Museum, MAM featured modern and contemporary work from artists, architects and designers. In 2013, MAM moved to its current location, a 200,000 sq-ft building designed by architects Herzog & de Meuron, and was officially named the Pérez Art Museum of Miami (PAMM).

Current exhibitions at PAMM include sculptures by Matthew Ronay; the show “Routes of Influence,” which consists of six pieces from the permanent collection (including a life-size boat made of cardboard); and painting and animation from David Reed, among others. Two standout projects at PAMM were “S-281913” by Sarah Oppenheimer and “Form into Action” by Julio Le Parc.

“Sarah Oppenheimer: S-281913” “S-281913” considers the relationship between art, architecture and cognitive science. Built from two glass plates, a metal base and a metal frame, the work can be rotated by the museumgoer, offering the opportunity for an unexpected interaction. Its movement allows the audience to examine the surrounding space in multiple ways, as both an open and empty space when the glass appears clear from certain angles, and as a gallery of nearby objects and bodies when the glass reflects museum visitors and views of the city of Miami.

“Sarah Oppenheimer: S-281913” is commissioned by the Pérez Art Museum and is open through April 30, 2017

“Julio Le Parc: Form into Action” “Form into Action” is the first solo museum exhibition and the only comprehensive survey of Julio Le Parc’s work in North America. While Le Parc may be unfamiliar to many, his body of work has been influential among kinetic artists. The exhibition spans two gallery spaces on the museum’s second floor and houses over 100 pieces designed through Le Parc’s career.

Playing with light, perception and movement, “Form into Action” allows the viewer to interact and become one with the surrounding art. This exhibit includes archival work and large-scale installations.

“Julio Le Parc: Form into Action” is open through March 19, 2017









Posted by
Alexis Iorio