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Intelligence Leonardo da Vinci: The Mechanics of Genius

The Science Museum’s exhibition showcasing Leonardo da Vinci’s technological visions is interactive and informative for children and adults alike. The curators behind the exhibition have brought many of da Vinci's sketches and doodles to life, and the viewer is encouraged to touch the inventions and learn first-hand how they work. The games and digital platforms of the show are not particularly engaging in the context of today’s screen-savvy child, but rather focus on educating the viewer on the basic mechanics of da Vinci's inventions and show their influence on modern machinery.

What is most striking about the show is da Vinci's prolific contribution to society in so many different capacities. The show leaves you energized with the sheer volume of his body of work and desire to create: from catapults and flying machines to anatomical sketches of the human body and delicate Renaissance portraits.

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Posted by
Valentina Giani