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Intelligence Icon’s 150th Edition

For our usual intelligence pieces, we often post about various exhibitions, art fairs or shop openings. However, with the fantastic re-launch edition of Icon magazine, we felt compelled to share our thoughts on both the great content and brilliant aesthetics of the newly branded publication. Celebrating its one hundredth and fiftieth issue, Icon enlisted various professionals to help craft the new identity that still holds true to the established name of the magazine.

Under the aphorism of “New mission, New attitude”, Icon sets about communicating the new direction and vision that the publication is heading toward. The front cover is very visually stimulating and it was the creation of multi-disciplinary Norwegian practice Snøhetta. Experts in the areas of architecture and graphic design, the Scandinavian practice considered how to convey the multifaceted nature of Snøhetta and Icon. Under the theme of analog and digital, three titles defined the design process. “Topography Typography”, “Encode Decode” and “Dissected Types” framed the creative thinking as Snøhetta worked in conjunction with Icon’s art director Anja Wohlstrom. The visual effect is stunning and embodies the overlapping interests and pursuits of the magazine and the practice.

Whilst the front cover is iconic, the changes do not stop there. The graphics, content and layout have all had a makeover, with the editor David Michon stating that “the new Icon is all about the objects and architecture of everyday life” with the content being “pacier and more wide-reaching”. However, this isn’t to say that the reporting isn’t thorough or is flimsy but it remains fascinating and thought provoking, as the readership will be relieved to hear. From top to bottom, we loved it. We hope that you can get a copy and enjoy it too. All we can say is that we look forward to the next issue in the post!

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Posted by
Max Siteman