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Intelligence Degree Shows 2016: UAL

2016’s new, talented art and design graduates of University of the Arts London’s LCC and Camberwell College have taken over their institutions to present their final works to London this June, and the shows are always stacked with fresh ideas from the new up and coming designers and artists.

At LCC, the BA Graphic Design course took over the main strip; with opposite walls stacked full of posters leading to a wall of mounted screens displaying graphic art pieces all based on the students’ final project on Samuel Beckett. Christian Schmitz’ typographical layout exploration was a highlight, who’s process book showed a clean type with a Bauhaus-feel. From the Spatial Design department, Ella Yu Zhao created an attention grabbing display of cylinders that play on the sense of perspective and within Illustration; a variety is shown from Archie Campbell – who has created some beautiful collage-like combinations of his oil paintings, Hannah Scholte, who’s ‘Dot / Dash’ exploration images that envision ‘the unquantifiable mass of space’ focused on the microscopic form of elements to the ‘WOW WOW WOW’ - one of Josefina Barker’s pieces that explores how people communicate their experience of holidays. The student thesis’ are on display and are always fascinating to read as well as enjoy each works complimentary visual communication, like Nicole Victoria Muskett’s work on the production of skateboard graphics, exploring ‘skate culture, subversion and offence, the male gaze, the part the internet plays and finally the skateboard as a platform’, which featured her creation skate-decks celebrating iconic women.

Further into South East London at the Show ‘Outcomes May Vary’ at Camberwell College of Arts, Oli Rae Smith’s utopian inspired work takes over the front of the 1898 building with ‘imitations’ of yellow coated steel rods jutting out of it’s windows. The graduates present some more conceptual, whimsical and material-focused works. Within BA Photography, clever films and art-installations are created to represent ideas. Other highlights include Drawing graduate Rosie Wyllie’s ‘Parquet’, a striking piece made of graphite, wax, Chinese ink and masking tape, and BA Painting’s graduate Helga Thoroddsen’s skilful oil-works that seemed almost like contemporary iconography.

Further along Peckham Road in an additional college and exhibition space in an old Grammar School, more of the show continued - 3D Design’s notable pieces include RuiQi Dai’s ceramics inspired by the forms of pagoda’s and Jaxon Pope’s Modular Gas Burners that bring a new solution to the way a kitchen space is traditionally used.

Camberwell Camberwell 2 Camberwell 3 Camberwell 4

Posted by
Chloe Boucouvalas