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Founded in 2009, WeTransfer is a cloud-based file sharing service with teams based in Amsterdam and Los Angeles, and 40 million active monthly users. Their mission is to enable the effortless transfer of ideas from one creative mind to many, helping users get in, and stay in, their creative flow – that strange and beautiful state where everything comes together and great things happen.

The WeTransfer experience is built around their striking full-screen wallpapers, often created by artists, designers and musicians from all over the globe. A pioneer in digital advertising, WeTransfer partners with brands to design bespoke ad campaigns that engage and inspire millions of people every day – from static and animated images, to video and interactive experiences.

Supporting the arts, education and innovation is crucial part of WeTransfer’s DNA. Since day 1, WeTransfer has given away 30% of their backgrounds to promote artists across all disciplines. The stories behind these projects are featured on WeTransfer’s blog This Works. In addition to that, WeTransfer provides complimentary premium subscriptions (WeTransfer Plus) to students, supporting and expanding the toolkit for tomorrow's creative professionals.

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