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Our clients come from many fields; design, interiors, art, food, fashion, publishing, travel, luxury… usually they’re at some crossing point where several of these subjects overlap. You could say we’re a lifestyle agency with design in our bloodstream and retail on the brain. One thing all our clients have in common is that they are leaders in their chosen field, companies driven by visionaries, mavericks and passionate entrepreneurs. Getting to work with brilliantly creative people challenges us to raise the bar and approach our jobs with greater innovation and professionalism.

We’re just as likely to be found working on an exhibition in London’s East End, working with museums, promoting an extraordinarily-designed beach café in Littlehampton, or bringing the organisers of the Salone Internazionale del Mobile to London. We like to get around, and we think that these days, being able to operate on a global level is part of the deal of being a top PR agency.


Where we really excel is in the media coverage we deliver. It helps that we avoid the ‘bad PR’ clichés and try to be the epitome of what good PRs are supposed to be; efficient and informative, constantly striving to think like editors, and judicious in which publications we contact and for what reasons. We’re fiercely proud of our relations with press and opinion formers developed over the years. This is our currency and our greatest investment.

Our team comes from all walks of life, and includes the odd journalist or two. You won’t find any clones among our staff of over 55. Camron does everything you would expect from a leading PR agency – creative, intelligent thinking and efficient service. One of our distinguishing factors is the calibre of the senior team. They combine market intelligence, strategic thinking, and industry knowledge with a reputation for delivering strong media coverage.

“ We don’t do things by rote. Getting stuck in boxes makes us claustrophobic. Sure, we can deliver all the textbook stuff, but textbooks have a habit of going out of date, and anyway, it’s more interesting if we re-write the rules. ”

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